Target Field Tour


Welcome everyone to my blog on  I couldn’t be more excited to be starting this.  I’ll try to mix in a little bit of everything here to keep you entertained.  I hope you all enjoy what I have to say.  Bear with me on the grammar and whatnot due to my lack of an English degree.  Here goes nothing.

I figured the best way to kick off my new blog/writing career would be to share with you my tour of our brand new ballpark, Target Field.  
I stopped in to Kevin Smith’s office today and talked him into giving me a tour.  I met him over at the field at 12:30 – but not before getting lost on the way.  Before you say anything- yes I am from Minnesota- it was a little confusing to find the construction offices.  I ended up circling the block and then found the right spot.  
The first thing on the tour was the Mortenson Construction office where I saw the new seats (not blue).  There are five different seat styles going in the stadium.  Some have wood backs and some have plastic backs.  The seats behind home plate have like a 5″ cushion.  I asked if they were putting those in the dugout but got nowhere with that.
From the building we went across the player’s parking lot into the stadium area/clubhouse.  I was surprised to find that it is mostly all heated in there (It was still probably quite cold last week anyway).  There are a ton of workers who all seemed to have something fairly pressing to be doing so there was no chatting with them.
We made our way through the clubhouse and out onto the field.  We saw the dugouts and also the pitchers mound and home plate.  My initial impression when I got on the field was how HUGE this place is!  It definitely does not seem small in any way.
We walked across(t) the field and up into the left field bleachers.  From there we made our way around the double wide concourse – from which you can see the field the entire way – to the first base sides where some of the suites are.  
The suites are pretty cool.  I thought the lack of bathrooms was interesting but apparently studies show that people are more comfortable using the restroom in a different location.  It looked to me that about every two suites would share a bathroom so it probably shouldn’t matter.  We made our way from the suites to the press box and then to the restaurant in the right field corner.  All these places looked amazing.  I am looking forward to watching the progress of Target Field throughout the summer and also continuing to bring you all updates.
Thanks for tuning in.  See you next time!!!