Room With a View?? Part 1

So I have been trying to figure out a way to bring more consistent updates to my loyal blog reader(s) and I have come up with a multi part installment I think may catch on.

I am going to take attempt to take a picture from my room out the window of every hotel we stay in this year. I will then make comments- whether positive or negative- about the hotel, city, view, and whatever else I can come up with.
My first picture is from the Westin in the Boston cities.
I suppose you all were thinking you would see Fenway huh? First, I have no clue where the field is (a) because the streets are all messed up here, and (b) because it’s foggy/rainy/sleety and Second after checking my iPhone map, I realized the field is on the other side of the hotel…
The only remotely interesting thing about this photo is the white tent. I think it’s a (half torn down) medic tent from the Boston Marathon.
I don’t have much else from Boston as it is not one of my favorite cities. Tune in next time for an even worse view from Cleveland!!!


  1. juliasrants

    HEY!!! How can you not love Boston! Yes, that would be the medic tent from the Marathon that was held on Monday. The Westin is across the street from the Boston Public Library which is at the end of the Marathon. The top of the Prudential Building has a SkyWalk and it gives you a great view of the City and the surrounding area. Boylston Street has some great bars & restaurants and over on Beacon Street – on the other side of the Boston Commons – is the original Bull & Finch Bar that is better know as Cheers. Boston has a ton of history – America’s Independence started here – as well as great dining. Oh – did I mention that is where I’m from! 🙂



    I LOVE this idea! 🙂 It will be interesting to get to see what you see/think about everywhere you go.

    Nice job in your first three starts! Good luck on Sunday!

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