Im back… and Im not announcing my retirement

Hi all, sorry about the (extended) delay in blog entries.  I have been busy working again while also dealing with extremely shoddy internet service.  

First things first, one of my favorite players growing up announced his retirement via blogosphere earlier in the week.
As I said, due to my extremely busy schedule these days, I have been unable to update as much as I would like.  After all, us baseballers are ALWAYS busy while at the field.  See below evidence for visual proof.
While not busy at the field I have found many things to occupy my time, including but not limited to; mini-golf (Castle Golf, Smuggler’s Cove, Jungle Golf), semi-mini golf (Cross Creek), and real golf (Plantation, Raptor Bay).  Also our latest team fad- shark fishing.
For all you readers, I’m sure that last activity may have piqued your interest.  I will not tell you where or when we catch said sharks, but I will show you pictures and you can draw your own conclusions.  Observe below:
Fishing on Sanibel 045.JPG
I am still looking for that one that’ll bite my arm off put up a real fight, but these are still fun.  Special thanks to Tony Leo, Dave Pruemer, and Steve Liddle for showing me the ropes on hunting the shark.  They are the real pros.
That’s all for tonight, I promise I’ll be back soon…


  1. twinks15

    Oh… you are SO BRAVE to take on those sharks… I hope nothing happens to you… I just dont know what I would do without you… loves!


    I have to tell you: I enjoyed spring training last year in Ft. Meyers. I too loved the Jungle Golf! Hope the season goes well for you!

  3. bent13

    Mr. Perkins,
    I am a 14 year old from Rochester, NY and I have a bunch of cards that I tried to get signed by you last year while you were here but never got the chance. If I send them to you then could you please sign them? Also how many should I send?
    Thanks and good luck this year,


    Yes, we will all miss bloody sock Kurt. I just hope he somehow stays around the game even though he’s not playing.

  5. rhielm

    Today is April 15th and last night you made your second start of the regular season. And I must say, that I was SOOO impressed with your performance. I may not know you personally, but I was so proud of you. And seeing Gardy and Andy stay with you even after that jam you got into with two outs in the eighth inning really put a smile on my face. The coaching staff has trust in you, and I’m telling you right now, so do the fans. Keep up the great work, Glen. And keep on pitching inside! Keep on making your hometown proud!


    The only thing missing from the daytime picture of you holding the shark is a sword in your left hand. You could really play that up man.

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