Who said having kids was hard work??


For those of you who may not know, I am the proud father of two beautiful little girls. Most people- especially those without kids- would think that this may sound like a lot of work. I am here to tell you that it is not.* Yes I know kids are messy and they only clean up after themselves if you ask repeatedly… until now. Allow me to introduce my new greatest purchase in a long line of great purchases. The Baby Mop.

At first glance you may think that this is a joke- I am here to tell you that it is indeed NOT a joke. Though it has yet to show up at my house, I find myself counting the minutes until my doorbell rings and that package is on the front step.
I can tell that you think I am still kidding, here is proof of product right here. That foreign language video does not lie!!!
*- If and only if you have a wife like mine, this product works greatprobably doesn’t work.


  1. twinsnut

    Clever invention. Now if they can come up with something for adults to wear on their shoes, life would be much easier. Are your wife and kids with you in Florida, or did you leave them to fight the snow and cold of Minnesota?

  2. champion_88

    hey glen, this is sort of off-topic, but I have a question that I think only a pro player might be able to answer.

    My friends and I love to play wiffleball, but we do not have a suitable strike zone, so we tried to play without called strikes, which leads to lots of crooked-number innings and unrealistic statistics.

    This year, we decided to try to get a target, but I am having difficult finding many options. Any few options I see just have a line as a strike zone, which will just lead to lots of arguments on what is on the line VS outside the line.

    I was hoping to find something that has the real-life strike zone with a bar surrounding the edges, so it will be clear when you have hit the outside corner VS when you miss.

    Maybe even have the bar adjustable in terms of heigh to fit the different heights we have?

    However, I have no idea where to buy such a contraption and/or how much it would cost.

    There are 5 of us willing to chip money in and other people who play with us occasionally, but will not chip in money, so I would say $500 is probably the most we could spend.

    Do you have any ideas on any contraptions that would solve my problem?

  3. ryanpmaus@gmail.com

    Perk, I’m impressed — usually these player blogs are pretty boring/unintelligent, but you’ve got the hang of this! Even if you didn’t play for the Twins I think I might still read yours!

    And I assume that you’re now off the Gopher bandwagon like everybody else in this state… Even if they make the tourney there is no way they win a game. Maybe next year…

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