Its Official…Im On!!!!

Just for starters- observe…

Bandwagon Final.jpg

Thursday night I had the privilege to go to the Minnesota Gophers Basketball Game.  I have (not so) closely followed them since I left campus in 2004.  We all know how well they have been playing this year so I decided to check them out.
They played Illinois who they had failed to beat in any of their previous twenty attempts.  My expectations were low as I am used to being let down by certain Minnesota sports (ahem- Vikings/Gopher Football, etc.) but they handled the Illini from the first tip.  
To make a long story short I made the rather simple decision, along with many other fans I’m sure, to jump on the Men’s Basketball bandwagon.
I am fully aware that this may draw some criticism from a certain scribe who attended U of I but that doesn’t concern me in the least.
Thank You for taking the time to read my useless post and I’ll see you on the bandwagon.
p.s. Go Gophs!!!


  1. redbirdchatter

    You’re ahead of me. I’m an Oklahoma State Alum. Basketball season begins at the start of the Big 12 tournament and ends as soon as OSU is knocked out of the NCAA tourney. I’m afraid it’s going to be a short season. But, hey, it’s only basketball…nothing important like baseball. Good luck to your Gophs!

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